Organic pet food information

In recent years there have been disturbing reports about the many harmful ingredients in non-organic pet foods – ranging from toxic agents, artificial colors and flavors, and dangerous preservatives to the inclusion of the flesh of dead, diseased livestock and roadkill, which could even include dogs and cats. As a pet lover, your pet’s health and happiness are of prime importance, and the thought that the non-organic food you’ve been feeding your beloved cat, dog, or bird could be seriously endangering your pet’s health is appalling. Changing to an organic pet diet will work wonders for your pet’s health and wellbeing, and will probably mean fewer visits to the vet.

As in the case of organic meat, organic chicken, organic eggs, and organic dairy for humans, organic pet food is certified to be free of all chemicals, artificial agents, and bulk fillers, and also contains significantly higher levels of vital nutrients specifically formulated for your pets’ health, happiness, and longevity. Today, there is a whole range of organic pet food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters – you name it, and you can locate it online. That’s got to be good news for all pet lovers.

The most popular organic pet foods, both wet foods and dry foods, are for dogs and cats, which you can explore in this section of our website. However, bird lovers should also be aware of the many benefits of organic bird feed, which are all related to a more natural diet.

Non-organic bird feed contains high levels of chemical toxins that are even more injurious to birds, who are relatively smaller in size than dogs and cats. Organic bird feed is free of the carcinogens, toxins, and sugar found in even the best “premium” non-organic bird feeds. Instead, it contains wholesome nutrients close to the bird’s natural diet (nuts, seed mixes, sprout mixes, fruits and vegetables) helping them grow and thrive the way nature intended them to.

Instead of added sugar (which no bird much likes) organic bird feeds provide an all-natural source of essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients for your bird’s optimum health, eliminating problems like feather-plucking, inability to fly, or overgrown beaks. Unlike non-organic feeds that are too heavy in fat and sugar for most birds to digest, organic bird feed protects your bird from chronic illness or a host of serious medical conditions such as kidney failure, fatty liver disease, epilepsy (particularly in Cockatoos and African Grays), and blindness.

As a final word, our pets give us unstinted affection and companionship. For most of us, they are like family members. Don’t you think we owe them the responsibility of giving them a balanced, nutritious diet to improve the quality of their lives?

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