Where to Buy Organic Meat ?

In non-organic animal farming, thousand of animals are crowded together indoors in close confinement, with just one objective: to produce meat for human consumption as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. In these unhygienic and cramped conditions, cattle and pigs are not only subjected to severe stress, but also regularly given antibiotics and growth hormones. More often than not, the meat produced contains harmful residues and stress-related hormones. Virulent diseases like mad cow disease (BSE), avian flu, and swine flu have already proved to be health hazards for humans. Isn’t it time we all considered a better alternative to non-organic farming and breeding practices that demand such a heavy toll?

Organic meat production differs from non-organic farming in the way beef cattle and pigs are raised. The farms are smaller, often family-owned. The animals are treated with respect and dignity, in accordance to strict organic food standards and guidelines, and the meat must be certified by an authorized certification organization.

Most often, the animals are born and raised on the farm. They are not confined to indoor pens, but allowed free access to the outdoors, where they can graze and mate freely. They are sheltered in clean, hygienic quarters, with ample access to food and water. Moreover, everything the animals ingest has to be certified organic. This includes clean, unpolluted water, the pasture, and the animal feed, which must be certified as free of all chemical agents and contaminants.

Animals used for organic beef and organic pork are not given any antibiotics or growth hormones. If an animal contracts an infection that requires antibiotics, it goes through a quarantine period, and may even be removed from the organic food chain. This ensures that no bacteria-resistant strains contaminate the meat. Stress-free animals are healthier and yield wholesome meat that is more flavorful and guaranteed free of harmful contaminants.

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