Feed your dog nutrition with Organic Dog Food Brands

The pet food industry is largely unregulated, which means that manufacturers of non-organic dog food can add just about anything to it. As animal activists and dog owners have pointed out, non-organic dog food may contain horsemeat, animal byproducts (offal), grain byproducts, and bone meal, and are usually bulked up with grain fillers. Regardless of whether or not you have decided to move to an organic diet, you are probably aware of the many reported advantageous effects of a healthy diet on overall health and wellbeing. Helping your dog “go organic” is likely to be one of the best decisions you can make to help your dog live a healthy, happy, and full life.

The benefits of organic dog food include:

Optimum body weight and increased energy

Cuddly, plump puppies are adorable, but as dogs get older, unhealthy weight gain may present serious health problems, which are doubly compounded if your dog is diabetic or prone to hip dysplasia or has back problems. Organic pet food is nutrition-dense and does not contain bulk fillers (equivalent to the worst kind of junk food in humans), which means that your dog eats less to feel satiated. This leads to more balanced weight and increased energy levels, so your pets also get in more healthy exercises.

Fewer skin problems and allergies

Skin irritations and allergies in dogs have been linked to the chemicals, additives, and other toxic ingredients found in both wet and dry non-organic dog food. If you’ve been trying to treat these problems with medications, sprays, shampoos, or creams, the chances are you’re throwing good money after bad. Putting your dog on an organic diet is likely to be a lot more effective. Organic dog food contains no toxic or artificial agents, and supplies your pet with highly nutritive proteins and grains. These wholesome ingredients boost the immune system and help protect against skin conditions and allergic reactions.

Stronger immunity

Vets usually recommend quality “premium” brands of dog food for their higher nutritional value. Organic dog food is an even higher-quality source of wholesome, easily digestible nutrients, so your pet absorbs more to maintain stronger immunity. A robust immune system protects your dog from infections or illnesses, and adds up to fewer visits to the vet (and fewer bills!).

More efficient digestion

Instead of heading for the vet when your dog or cat has foul breath, sometimes vomits after meals, or shows signs of discomfort due to gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, try switching to organic food. Organic pet food contains readily digestible ingredients of natural whole grains and human grade organic meat, which are a lot easier on your dog’s digestive tract and eliminate digestive disorders. An organic diet will help your dog eat less, and process food and eliminate waste more efficiently.

Healthier appearance

While your dog’s external appearance may seem a trivial matter compared to his or her overall health and happiness, it does reflect general wellbeing and quality of life. A nutrient-rich organic diet results in a thicker, shinier coat, brighter eyes, and alert awareness, which are positive indications of healthy muscle and heart tone, flexible joints, better hydration, healthy energy levels, and the overall “feel good factor.”

Longer life

One of the most shocking eye-openers is discovering that a family pet could have lived that much longer if it had been raised on a healthier diet. Organic food not only increases your dog’s quality of life, but can significantly improve longevity. Studies have proved that dogs are genetically programmed to live much longer than they do. By eliminating harmful chemicals and additives from your dog’s diet, you’ll be giving your pet the gift of a longer and healthier life.

Buying Tips

  • Don’t confuse quality organic dog food with food labeled “premium,” “super premium,” “ultra premium” or “gourmet.” These labels are not required to contain any higher quality ingredients. Similarly, don’t confuse “natural” with “organic.” Only the organic label guarantees a quality, organic certified dog food.
  • Go online to look for organic food coupons, so you can make the most of discount offers and special bargains from online producers/manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.
  • Look out for retailers or wholesalers who offer discounts on bulk orders. However, don’t ever buy in bulk unless you’re sure your dog likes the particular brand, and the food can be eaten well within its expiration date.

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