What are Health Benefits of Organic Butter ?

Rich, golden, creamy butter is always a favorite food. Whether you use it in cooking, baking bread or pastry, or spread on a piece of hot toast, you now have more choices than ever before in choosing the right brand. An increasing number of consumers are opting for organic butter as the healthier food choice. That’s because most consumers today are concerned about dangerous exposure to the chemicals in non-organic butter. Organic butter is made from 100% organic milk, and is therefore certified as free of growth hormones, milk-inducing hormones, antibiotics, and chemical agents and solvents.This really helps in providing more health benefits.

Choosing organic butter is a particularly good decision because butter, more than other dairy products, can easily be contaminated by pesticides. Non-organic milk contains trace residues of chemical agents from the non-organic feed and medical intervention; when this milk is creamed into butter, the concentration of contamination multiplies exponentially.

Another serious health hazard with non-organic butter is in the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from pesticides. Non-organic dairy cows ingest pesticide-treated corn kernels that contain POPS. As their name suggests, POPS persist in the body as well as the environment for a long time, sometimes even decades, and are passed down the food chain with increasingly potent hazards. For example, a non-organic dairy cow is likely to pass on POPs to her calf, who then is doubly exposed to it: first, from the mother and second, from ingesting more pesticide-treated corn. When it’s old enough for milking, the milk contains high levels of POP, which are found in even greater concentrations when the milk is reduced to butter. Organic butter, made from Organic milk , is free of POP contamination

By buying organic butter, you are making the safer and healthier food choice. At the same time, you are also supporting smaller farming communities as well as promoting a healthier environment. What’s more, you’re getting value for your money by choosing a product that is higher in nutrients and flavor. Once you discover the many advantages of organic butter, opt for organic dairy – Organic milk and Organic cheese.

The benefits of organic butter include:

Better nutrition

Compared to non-organic butter, organic butter contains higher amounts of

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as a healthier ratio of these essential fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own, but must get from food. A proper ratio of these fatty acids reduces the risk of heart disease and certain malignancies, and also improves neurological function.
  • Beta-carotene and Vitamin E, which are antioxidants that inhibit free radicals and delay aging.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which protects against food and other allergies and reduces cholesterol and abdominal fat, and boosts the metabolic rate and the immune system.

No concentrated toxic residues

As butter is made from milk, and is a concentrated dairy product, the toxic residues in non-organic milk are found in more dangerous concentrations in the butter. Organic butter has no such risks, because organic dairy cows are not exposed to chemical agents in their feed, nor are they injected with antibiotics or hormones.

Sustainable farming practices

As in the case of buying Organic meat and Organic milk , by opting for organic butter, you do your bit to promote sustainable farming practices that do not harm the environment, encourage the raising of dairy cows as close to nature as possible without unethical intervention, and promote biodiversity.

Buying tips

  • If you need to limit your intake of butter for health reasons, consider buying organic seed butter or organic nut butter. You can choose organic butter made from organic peanuts, organic almonds, cashews, and brazil nuts, organic sunflower, flax, or sesame, or pumpkin seeds.
  • Go online to look for organic food coupons so that you can make the most of discount offers and special bargains from online producers/manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.
  • Look out for retailers or wholesalers who offer discounts on bulk orders. Buy larger quantities of organic butter and freeze it for later use. Freezing organic butter will not affect its flavor or texture if you use properly sealed containers.

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