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“You are what you eat!” If you are one of the many who have decided to make healthier food choices, you’ve come to the right place. Quality Organic Foods will give you all the information you need on the many health benefits of quality certified organic food, along with tips on buying quality organic foods that are produced according to organic food standards . Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are best purchased from local sources or farmers’ markets, and are not covered here. The objective of this website is to create awareness about quality organic foods you can buy online, and show you why organic chicken,organic meat,organic dairy as well as organic baby food and organic pet food is the healthier, more environment-friendly, and more ethical food option. Let’s start with what organic food really is.

Organic foods versus natural foods

A lot of people mistake natural food for organic food. Organic foods are not the same as natural foods. Natural foods are free of additives and preservatives, but even products labeled “100% natural” contain non-organic ingredients that don’t give you the promised health benefits. For instance, a carrot cake labeled “natural” could contain carrots grown non-organically, or non-organic milk and butter. Organic foods are those that

  • Comply with specified organic food standards and animal welfare standards
  • Are produced without artificial fertilizers, chemical agents, synthetic pesticides, or growth promoters of any type (such as growth-inducing hormones in cattle, chickens, and pigs, or milk-inducing hormones in dairy cattle)
  • Are not exposed to radiation or genetically modified
  • Are composed of at least 95% wholly organic ingredients

Organic food as SOLE food

In fact, organic food is closest to SOLE food – food that is sustainable, organic, local, and ethical. SOLE food is part of a larger movement to make positive changes to people’s diet and to ethical farming practices. The objective is to reverse the negative impact of heavy industrial farming and unethical animal farming practices – including the inhumane treatment of farm animals and poultry – and to produce foods that will help people live longer, healthier lives while also protecting farm animals and rehabilitating our environment.

The cost factor

One of the reasons that more people don’t move to organic food is its higher cost. But if you know how to shop right, you can buy quality organic food at discounted rates and avail of some very good bargains.

  • You can save considerably by using organic food coupons. Admittedly, they’re not as freely available as we’d like – you can’t snip them out of your regular Sunday paper – but you’ll find excellent money-saving bargains online.

  • The easiest way to locate the best bargains is by visiting one of the numerous coupon websites that provide a one-stop service. Here, you’ll find a collection of discount coupons as well as a comprehensive listing of great offers for other organic food products.
  • You can also check out online organic food producers/manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers – they often offer printable discount coupons or will mail you coupons on request.
  • Buying organic food online from reputable retailers is a smart choice – you are not only assured of certified organic food at discount prices, you can also make the most of the regular discounts they offer as part of their customer loyalty program.
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